Lehmus Roastery

The Lehmus Roastery, named the best in Finland twice, operates in an old barn.
Lehmus Roastery

The story of the roastery began in 2005.  “We wanted to make coffee of our own”, says Arttu Muukkonen, the Head of Marketing and Communications. 

According to Muukkonen, there were facilities available, but none of them seemed to fit. “We didn’t waste any time, when we found out that there was 40 sq space for rent in the old, protected and historically valuable building. The space, suitable for coffee roasting was owned by Lappeenrannan Yritystila.

Not too soon, it could be seen, that there was an opportunity for different kind of business in the city. “When, at the open house, there were over 1000 people visiting, an idea about our own cafe and factory store was born”, Muukkonen says.

Cafe business started in 2017. In the fall of 2017, after the remodeling of the space, done by Yritystila, the intended use of the space was changed from a stock room to a 250 sq of cafe. Two years ago the cafe got the liquor license.