LATO, the department store of facilities

According to CEO Mikko Hietamies we have the experience and knowledge at LATO. “We offer entrepreneurs and companies facilities that will best meet their needs. Our mission is to build a vital and vibrant city, that enables a strong basis for development in business and new innovations in entrepreneurship.

There are multiple apartment buildings under construction. Also, renovation and new building projects for public service buildings are under development.“We act as a consultant for the different organizations in the town.  Also, we are responsible for public acquisitions and bids for construction field”, the head of developerteam Pekka Talonpoika says.  “The keywords for operation are openness and transparency.”

Tailored solutions

Lappeenrannan yritystila Oy owns almost 80 000 square meters of facility space suitable for different types of business. “Yritystila Oy is the leading facilities expert in Southern Karelia. We make tailored solutions and help companies solve their space needs”, manager Timo Hämäläinen says.


Proactiving maintenance

Tilakeskus is responsible for the constructing, administration, maintenance and renovation needs of the day care centers, schools and sports and cultural facilities of Lappeenranta. According Katri Tolvanen, the Manager of Tilakeskus, the service network is being developed for future needs.

“Actions of Tilakeskus are guided by future needs, energy and cost efficiency. At all times, we will keep in mind the idea of green city in the strategy of Lappeenranta.”


Looking for facilities?

Contact us and tell us your needs, we will find a suitable space solution for you.


Waterways bring you to Lappeenranta

There are 22 small boat marinas in Lappeenranta area. Marina for quests and liners is situated in the city centre. The logistics center and cargo port are located on Saimaa Canal in Mustola, about 10 kilometers from the center. 

“Waterways are easy to navigate on Saimaa. Especially, cargo traffic has increased in recent years“, Port Director Hannu Lappalainen says. 

The canal cruises are the specialty of  Lappeenranta summer season. Boat trips to Vyborg are one of the basic elements of the traveling in South-Eastern Finland.


Safe and economical parking

There are over 800 warm and sheltered parking places in the underground garages, in the heart of the city.  If you have agreement, you have limitless parking.

Also, it’s safe and affordable to park on the street in the center of the city. You only pay for the time you use the parking spot for.  We also offer parking surveillance on private roperties.

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