Combination of old and new
Danfoss Editronin toimitilat

The hospital area, situated in Kahilanniemi, has been a significant part of the building culture of the town of Lappeenranta. The hospital was built in the 1950’s and it represents the functionalism era. Even though expansions and renovations have been made over the decades, the original architecture can still be seen. 

The administration building of the hospital is owned by Lappeenrannan Yritystila Oy. The space has been rented to Eksote. In a building, named Ruori, they used to operate also as a nursing school. The space has lasted time well, but the building has seen some repairs over the years according to different needs. For example, the HVAC related technology has been modernized and updated. Building methods demonstrate today’s requirements. 

“According to the modern word, the building is conversion flexible, and supports the function of the different units of the hospital administration,” Ville Pitkänen, technical director of Eksote, says. “If needed, it is possible to organize spaces with light solutions. The tenant’s suggestions have been taken into consideration when making any changes or repairs, that apply to the function or the use of the building. Cooperation with LATO has been seamless.”