The SWITCH/YASKAWA Environmental Energy

Cooperation of science, research and technical know-how
Danfoss Editronin toimitilat

The Switch is a Finnish Company, nowadays owned by the Japanese. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing permanent magnet engines and generators. Among the products are also power converters for renewable energy applications and for marine industry use and also, high-speed electrical motors used in industry. 


The company’s main focus is in wind power, marine industry and special solutions in industry. About 75 percent of the product goes to the wind power production.
The development- and design responsibility for the rotating electrical machinery is carried out in Lappeenranta Selkäharju, where they plan and manufacture shaft generators, high speed electrical engines and also wind generators and their sub assemblies. “We are our own division in the Yaskawa European organization“,  Matti Nikkinen, the Head of production says. Nikkinen notes, that there is still close and ongoing cooperation with LUT university. “Global business, notoriety and success are based on the exceptionally strong knowledge of electrical technology in the area. Without LUT, we would not exist.”